Apron Strings

Recipes from a Family Kitchen


"Through Apron Strings I want to share some of my family's favourite recipes. Most are suited for everyday meals, some for times of celebration while others will serve well when someone is under the weather. What I cook for my family is very much guided by what is in season, so many of my recipes are influenced from outside the kitchen; my hens, garden and foraging all play a great part in what I cook from day to day."

Nessa Robins has been sharing her experience and memories from her family kitchen with the world through her blog, Nessa's Family Kitchen, since 2010. Now, in her beautiful new cookbook, Nessa brings her recipes, her warmth and her enthusiasm to a new audience.

Featuring budget-conscious tips, party and picnic favourites, classic baking ideas and exciting combinations for the dinner party host, Apron Strings offers over 100 recipes and dozens of useful snippets for all the family.